Upcoming Exhibition : Made in Whitstable Spring Show The Horsebridge Centre CT5 1DF 28th March - 10th April

The Forgotten Realm



For those of you unfamiliar with my work I paint mainly in acrylics because life is too short to wait for oils to dry, Colour is a major source of inspiration and I find it a never ending treasure house of joy and wonderment. My influences include Klee, Klimt, Hundertwasser, textiles, and ceramic art.

When I paint I am constantly negotiating a position between opposing forces:  the abstract and the figurative, the structured and the intuitive, the real and the imaginary; they all meet and shake hands in my works.

Anyway please feel free to have a wander round the site, I  hope you enjoy my work and if you want to contact me further you can reach me at jsharvatt@yahoo.co.uk or follow my page Josephine Harvatt on facebook


Josephine Harvatt