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Indigo 2018



For those of you unfamiliar with my work I paint mainly in acrylics because life is too short to wait for oils to dry, Colour is a major source of inspiration and I find it a never ending treasure house of joy and wonderment. My influences include Klee, Klimt, Hundertwasser, textiles, and ceramic art.

When I paint I am constantly negotiating a position between opposing forces:  the abstract and the figurative, the structured and the intuitive, the real and the imaginary; they all meet and shake hands in my works.As you can see for my latest works the pendulum is swinging away from abstraction and towards representation but always and as ever with an eye to colour.

Anyway please feel free to have a wander round the site, I  hope you enjoy my work and if you want to contact me further you can reach me at or follow my page @harvattworks on facebook


Josephine Harvatt